Why You Still Need A Free SMS Messaging Website

There was a time not so long ago were accessing the internet and can be considered a luxury. In fact, not everybody can afford to connect to the web back in the early ‘90s. You need to a dial-up connection where you will be charged by the phone company on a per minute rate for international calls. Sending a text message is a little cheaper because you will be charged on a per message rate. But you can’t really chat all day long because the charges will eventually add up.

But of course, times have changed. Today, access to the net is not given much of thought. For instance, you can just go to any restaurant or café and order a cup of your favorite caffeine fix, and you will automatically get access to their wifi for free. Message to your best bud or even your entire group of friends is very easy with the various messaging app and social media platforms currently available.

For these reasons, you might be asking if there really is a need for a free SMS service on the net. With all the communication channels at your disposal, do you really need to log in to a website to send a text message? Here are some of the reasons why SMS services online are still very important today.


You Might Misplace Your Phone

In this digital age, today’s smartphones can be considered as the basic unit in the global communications network. The current generation of smartphones is a completely different breed of gadgets compared to their predecessors a decade ago. In the past, you can only perform basically two types of actions on the older cellphones – call or text.

With an SMS service website, you can at least send messages directly to the phones of your friends even without access to a social media platform or messaging app. Website visitors can just send a message without the need to install anything. Of course, it will also allow you to reach those people who do not regularly log into their social media accounts but only rely on messages sent directly to their mobile phones.

You Can Save On Text Messaging Cost

If you want to send a text message to someone located in another country, you will have to pay for the corresponding international text message rate. It is probably okay if you just send a message or two, but if you plan on having a conversation, the cost will eventually add up.

You Can Text Anonymously

Want to prank on one of your friends? You can do that via a website offering free SMS messaging too. The reason is simple; they will never trace where the message is coming from since it does not contain your phone number. And of course, if you want to pass on that juicy piece of gossip without revealing your identity, you can do that in here as well.