Comparing SMS Messaging And Apps

Comparing SMS Messaging And Apps

With today’s technology, communicating with anyone, whether for business for personal reasons, is a lot easier. You can send a message to your contact list with just a touch of a button.

There are basically two ways to send a message via the internet. One of this is through the use of messaging app which everyone can download for free. Another type of message is through the use of online SMS messaging website, which anyone can also access via a browser. But which among the two is better? Here are some of their highlights.

Compatibility Issues

SMS website visitors can send messages to any phone number. It does not require the receiver of the message to have any special app installed to be able to read it because the message will be received using the phone’s messaging function. All that is needed is access to the SMS service website via a PC or laptop.

On the other hand, you will encounter some compatibility issues if you opt to send a message using messaging apps. The reason is that it will require the receiver of your message to have the same messaging app that you are using installed on his phone or tablet. As any tech blog would point out, your potential reach may be limited only to users of the same app.

Ease Of Use

Most users would probably prefer messaging via apps especially those apps that they are already familiar with. Since they can just download them into their phones or tablets, messaging apps are very easy to use.

Messaging via the SMS service websites, on the other hand, requires you to access a browser. While phones and tablets may be used to launch a browser, most people would prefer to use a laptop or PC when accessing sites.

Potential Use In Business

Businesses generally prefer using online SMS messaging when engaging their clients. One reason is that they do not know which client is using what type of messaging app. Of course, it will sound awkward if businesses would require their clients to download a specific messaging app just to interact with them.

Using an online SMS service will be more inclusive and, therefore, the preferred messaging platform used by businesses. All they need is the contact number of their client, and they can start sending messages right away.



For apps, any upgrade is very easy. It will just notify you if a new version is available and will prompt you to start downloading the upgrade.

For online SMS messaging, upgrades are even easier. The reason is that there will be no upgrades on the user’s side since all upgrades will be done on the site itself.