The Benefits of SMS Messaging for Marketing

In this day and age, people are always on their social media and the use of the internet in general. Whenever you want to look for the best recipe for your birthday party, you can type the words on the Google search bar and you will instantly have results. If you want to entice people to click more on your site, you can choose a Flickr embed photo done on one or more of the pages. You can even embed Instagram feed on website to make sure that your followers are always updated on what your company or you are currently doing. People go online shopping for items that they like or buying web traffic for their sites. But one thing that people do not talk about anymore is SMS messaging.


SMS Messaging is Still Essential in Our Lives

For those who do not know its meaning, SMS means Short Message Service. It is used primarily to talk to loved ones and other people whom you want to stay in contact with. But nowadays, because of the number of free chatting and messaging apps available on the market today, you might find SMS messaging useless in this generation.

But the truth is that SMS messaging is still one of the key strategies that companies implement on their marketing strategies. You might not notice it, which makes this method more effective, but you may find yourself receiving numerous messages from companies, telecoms, and other businesses offering tons of freebies and other discounts. This is because the businesses that use this style recognizes the width of opportunity when SMS messaging is used for marketing purposes.

If you own a business and are looking for strategies to increase your market and widen your reach, you must consider SMS messaging and buying web traffic.

It Has a Higher Open Rate

smsCheck your inboxes and see the number of unopened emails that you currently have. Now, take a look at your message inbox. Which one of the two has lesser unopened messages? You will find this fact truly interesting- that a message sent through text has an open rate of about 98% compared to around 25% for emails. If you are going to market a product or service, you should choose SMS messaging as a way to promote your business because it has a higher probability of getting more potential buyers.

Not All Companies Use This Strategy

Do you notice that that the more companies that use a particular service, the higher the cost of investing in it? Check your social media ads and compare the price of getting one for your site. The cost per click is higher compared to what its price was last year. It is because as more companies utilize a particular marketing tool, the higher its price will be.

Text Is More Engaging Than Other Forms of Marketing

You can post advertisements on social media and compare the number of engagements that you have when you text someone. You will see that customers tend to reply more on personalized messages than a poster that shows the company’s products or services.